Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Exciting Things

MY new project.......not going to give you anymore details for a few weeks (sorry, I'm mean like that) Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, 29 July 2011


(shirt H&M, jeans H&M, nail varnish BEAUTYUK, shoes ebay)

Bit of denim on denim on denim for you guys! I don't normally wear blue, so this was a bit of a change! My blog has been neglected but I have been working on something new...a little taster will be up for you guys tomorrow. I've also been sorting out my extensive wardrobe (which has taken me a whole week) and have found a few forgotten gems that i will post soon! lots of love x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Nothing Special

(skinny jeans Topshop, feather necklace Topman, crochet look cardigan vintage, aztec belt Urban outfitters, rings mango/various markets, magazines collected on my china travels)

There has been a serious lack of posts from me recently. I've been getting a lot of emails from friends and even people that I don't know with links to various social networking accounts where people have been using my photos/pretending to be me. It's pretty creepy, and to be honest put me off uploading for a while. However I am now officially back with a vengeance (be warned creepy stalker people) BUT moving on....this is just a random outfit I wore to lunch the other week, and then came home to flick through all of my chinese magazines (the writing is not an issue, because let's face it, I only look at the pictures anyway!) I have a lovely collaboration surprise for you guys coming this space. CIAO x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Crochet weaves

(Jean shorts Levis, Boots Topshop, crochet cape thrifted, hat H&M, belt H&M)

So a few weeks ago I decided to wear a hand crochet table cloth that I got at a flea market as a kind of poncho/cape thing (I think that's the technical term) ...and to be honest I quite liked it! Sorry about the delay in my postS AGAIN, I lost internet at my house, and as you can imagine, this was a very traumatic experience indeed. Today Im heading out to buy some new ray-bans, as I accidentally sat on them this week. Bummer (literally) Speak later lovelies x

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

I'm Back!

(silk shirt topshop, necklace topshop, rings h&m/river Island /Forever21, black dress topshop, shoes boutique)

SO.... after a week off from blogging due to a post china cold and me generally sorting my life out, I am now back! Im sure you all haven't missed me too much! I've started wearing my hair up a lot lately, so thought I'd post this look to show you guys. My current "up-dos" of the moment are scruffy topknots and loose pigtails (they make me look like I'm 12 but I'm cool with that. ANYWAYS, I'm off to lie in the glorious English Sunshine, I promise to make up for my lack of posts this week. Let me know if there's anything you lovely people want to see! Laters. x

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