Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bargain Beauties

Photobucket(Boots Primark)

All I have to say is... I suggest you pull out your twenty English pounds and get down to Primark right now because they have an absolute beaut of a shoe range this A/W and they are all under £20. (Amazing!) ... and remember, just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean your feet can't look pretty!
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Magical montage

(Piece by June Jitter)
So I opened up my emails today to find this amazing piece by the very talented June Jitter, I loved it so much that I thought I'd write a post as a thank you. It's pretty amazing when someone takes the time to make something for you and I like that. So hope you like and Thank you June! This will feature as the footer on my new blog layout when it's finished xo.

B-day girl ....

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                                                                                                 dress ( worn as skirt): zara,
                                                                                                 tights: primark,
                                                                                                 boots: zara,
                                                                                                 sweater: non branded,
                                                                                                 blazer: new yorker,
                                                                                                 scarf: pashmina,
                                                                                                 belt: vintage,
                                                                                                 earrings: non branded ( dve smizle),
                                                                                                 rings: no name,
                                                                                                 ph. BonjourJR

Today, im celebrating my second birthday with you! We are now talking about one big number, 26, but shh! ;) And for this occasion, i made special post! Hope you will like it!
If someone told me, that i would walk around town with balloons, i wouldn't believe him! But now, I do! :) Everything is possible!

p.s. huge thanks to my dear Jovana for taking these photos!♥

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dress up


(top Topshop, ears disney land circa 1999, pleated diy skirt (which you cant really see) vintage belt from Mexico)
When i was little, dressing up was my most favourite thing in the world EVER. I'd dress up in my mum's old dresses and catsuits (she was a 70's disco dancing champion, not a gladiator) and I'd dress my brother up as a little girl in a blonde wig and pink dress....I'm 24 and i just don't seem to be growing out of it??? Thank you all so much for the feedback on my jewellery, I'll be posting some more designs on here soon! xo Penny

Sunday, 27 November 2011





(crystal slave bracelet designed by me for ASTRAEA jewellery £25)
OK people, so as you all know, I've been designing jewellery for a while now and I've decided to open up shop and share my designs with you all HERE. At the moment, it's just a facebook page and i'm only shipping to the UK, but I'm hoping that my webpage will go live in the next few weeks and then you can all get your mits on my little projects :) I hope you like what's up so far, and like the logo! The name is Astraea ( I know it's complicated and hard to say, but I like it!) it's pronounced "As-tray-ya" and it means star in Greek (it's from my own obsession with Greek mythology, but I wont bore you with all that!) .... Any way, let me know what you think about it and the designs, I've got lots more products to go up so stay tuned, and thanks for your lovely support. Lots of Love, penny xo

What's your flava?

                                                                                               CLICK TO SEE MORE
                   Vera Wang "Princess" - water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, golden apricot, dark chocolate, chiffon vanilla ....
                    Escada "Magnetism "- blend of pineapple, blackcurrant, rose, magnolia, iris, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli ...
                    Escada "Moon sparkle" - strawberry, red apple, citrus, fressia, raspberry, sandalwood, musk ...
                    Escada "Incredible me" - clementine, honeysuckle, orchid, vanilla and sandalwood ....
                   Gucci "Guilty" - mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber, patchouli ...
                   Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely" - nectarine, rosewood, lavender, cedar, musk, amber, patchouli ...
                   Nina Ricci "Love in Paris" - violet, rose, apricot, jasmine, cedar wood, musk and touch of vanilla...
                   Dolce&Gabanna "Sicily" - honeysuckle, orange blossom, banana, nutmeg, jasmine, sandalwood, musk ...
                   Dolce&Gabanna "The One" - mandarin, peach, bergamot, jasmine, plum, amber, musk ...
                   Calvin Klein "Euphoria" - pomegranate, lotus blossom, black orchid, mahogany, musk ...
                   Bvlgari "Omnia" - mandarin orange, white chocolate ...
                   Hugo Boss "Boss Orange" - apple, peach, orange blossom, plum, cinnamon, vanilla cream, sandalwood ...
                   Moschino "Funny" - pink pepper, jasmine, amber, musk, cedar ...
                   Versace "Bright Crystal" - pomegranate, peony, magnolia, vegetal amber, musk ...
                   Moschino "Hippy Fizz" - raspberry leaves, lemon, lotus flower, magnolia, moss ...
                   Jil Sander "Pure" - coriander, bergamot, tuberose, gardenia, rose ...
                    Avon "Outspoken intense by Fergie" - star fruit, kumquat, blackberries, passion flower and sensual musk ...
                   Versace "Vanitas" - lime, freesia, tonka bean, tiare and cedar ....

When i was younger, i was totally crazy about perfumes. Brands, news, prices, i knew almost every scent in the store, and which one is new. I was also purchasing them a lot, thanks to my mother who shared this passion with me. She continued with it, and i stopped. Now im buying only one or two per year ...but they are still in my heart ... ;)
Probably the most favorites for me are fruity, citrus and gourmand scents, love to have those yummy mixes on my skin.The most of my perfumes contains sandalwood, amber, and fruity ingredients, and almost every Escada perfume is gorgeous for me ( Magnetism is the third bottle;)) .
How to know which one is perfect for you?
Its really easy, you gotta pay attention to several things :
- choose perfume depending on season ( there is nothing worst than using some winter scent during the summer );
- the second important thing is color of your hair ( brunettes choose deeper, darker fragrances and most blondes and readheads choose the lighter and fresher tones),
- depending upon your personality and preferences ( or how you feel on that day) perfume tone range from deep, dark and mysterious to light, outgoing, airy and romantic,
- before you buy a perfume, test it on your own skin first, wear it a few hours to see how it reacts, to determinate how long it lasts and then make a decision.
To resume - wear fresh/light during summer and a sweet/dark during winter. If you have your signature perfume ( when people recognize you before you enter the room) that's great, but you should also have a few different perfumes to choose from for evening and day looks. Some fragrances are more suitable for some age groups, so be careful.
I'm not a huge fan of celebrity perfumes, but i gotta admit, there are nice scents (the pleasant surprise was
very cheap perfume from Avon Outspoken intense by Fergie). They are like "must have" for Hollywood and people are buying them because of the name not because of the quality and irresistible scent ( there are exceptions) .They are not for me, but if you like it, why not ...

If i had to choose the top three, it would be Chanel "Coco Mademoiselle" ( im planing to buy the third bottle), Dolce&Gabanna "The One" and Escada ( can't decide which one). I also have one secret crush scent from Guerlain, hope it will be mine soon! ;)
Tell me about your favorites, which one are u using currently, im curious! :)

p.s. on you can check some perfume advices based on the perfume you are currently using - click Here ...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Exciting Things


( A little hint of what's in store)

Sometimes in life you just have to follow your dreams...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

DIY Doll



( Shorts originally from Topshop: DIY)

OK, so I do alot of customising and tweeking of my own clothes and normally completely forget to document it in any kind of "blog-able" way, which means that you guys don't get to see it (sorry about that) however, today I remembered! Dont ask me where it came from, I literally had a massive urge to completely cover a pair of denim shorts in gems, so i went to hobby craft, bought the most massive bag of gems I could find (turns out I probably have enough gems to cover about 20 pairs of shorts, but I'm sure that could probably happen) and began to individually glue them all onto the shorts...turns out that there is a very specific fabric gemstone glue which works a treat! I didn't realise glues could have such specific purposes, but turns out they do. every day's a school day. I'll probably rock these bad boys around town this weekend and will post a photo for you all to see. Laters xo

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lost Soul




(leather jacket warehouse, t shirt DIY, rings topshop, leggings h&m,white fur vest tk maxx)

It's been a hectic week this last week so I decided to cheer myself up with some leopard print leggings, never really known how I felt about leopard print leggings, but I've now come to the solid conclusion that I love them. I was also interviewed by Ifashion Magazine this week and featured in their weekly blogger feature which was amazing. You can read all about me HERE and follow them on twitter HERE. ciao lovelies.... XO

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Combination cool


(hat bargain Tk Maxx find, jacket vintage, denim shirt H&M, watch Michael Kors, Shoes MIista)

I decided to show you guys how I wore my beautiful Birthday shoes! The shoes are from Miista and you can grab yourself a pair of their wonderful shoes HERE. The watch was also another Birthday present which I chose myself (I'm always late, so I may as well be able to tell the time in style) So as you can see, I am another year older and my love of all things shoe related has not gone away. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I have just spent the day shopping and will be spending the evening with family and take away pizza. LotsofLove xo

Monday, 14 November 2011

It's my birthday...

(Boots by Miista)

So today I turn 24 (boohoo) but got to wake up to these absolute beauties from Miista. I'm off clay pigeon shooting today as I've always wanted to do it, so these bad boys will have to stay at home in their box whilst I run around a field with a gun in wellington boots ( This should be entertaining!) Laters Lovelies. XO

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Girl on film

(Me on various occassions... and a sneak peak into my wardrobe)

My recently developed obsession with disposable film cameras......ENJOY! Also I have an Iphone now so follow me on instagram penelopesarah . P.s the red and black boots on the third photo are from Primark so go grab a pair as they are so comfy, £18 and look amazing! xo P

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Colbolt Collaboration

(Ring designed by me)

I'd like to show you the latest of the rings that I have designed and had made. Those of you who have been reading my blog will know that I kind of design jewellery on the side (when I have time and energy, you can see my other jewellery post HERE.) But due to lots of work, I've been unable to do it for a while. So here is my new beautiful colbolt ring, it takes over my whole hand and I love that! You can expect to see this bad boy involved in my birthday outfit next week. Let me know what you think! xo

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