Thursday, 31 May 2012

Now you're in my way ...

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                                                                                                shoes: mango,
                                                                                                pants: bershka,
                                                                                                t-shirt: primark,
                                                                                                sweater: stradivarius,
                                                                                                bag: parfois,
                                                                                                hat: h&m,
                                                                                                sunglasses: ray-ban,
                                                                                                ring: lovely,
                                                                                                bracelets: stradivarius, ringeraja,
                                                                                                watch: michael kors,
                                                                                          ph. Branislava (Divine world of fashion) and me

Monday had hysterically mood swings, probably worst then woman before her cycle, cold and warm, rain and storm, and at the end of the day, we had chance to see the perfect sunset above the river. ;)
Luckily, i was with these two lovely ladies Branislava and Jovana, so we survived somehow! Bruschetti, pasta, tiramisu, viva Italia! Perfect match for me, i even got my zebra shot! ;)
Huge thanks to Brana for these lovely photos!

p.s. don`t forget to enter the Romwe giveaway Here!

p.p.s.yesterday i hit my knee at one of the street pillars, so this is the song for today, Play it! ;)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunshine of my life

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket BJXiyS on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

(Dress/tunic courtesy of Glamourous, hat h&m, poncho h&m, Large agate necklace and crystal ring by me ASTRAEA, boots Jeffrey Campbell)

As I'm sure all of the English blogging community have told you guys.... IT'S SUNNY IN ENGLAND! For those of you who live in exotic, far away climates this may not be a big deal, but in England this is huuuge! I was so pleased when the weather took a change for the better this week and the lovely girls at Glamorous sent me this amazing fringe tunic (I wore it as a dress as I'm a bit on the tiny side) But I've also worn it over jeans and it looks equally amazing.... to be honest it's so perfect for this weather that I don't actually know what I would have done without it This week has been really hectic but you still have two whole days to enter the competition below and win yourself 4 ASTRAEA pieces :) I hope you're all having a really lovely time in the sun, I've spent my afternoon tie dying and drinking Pimms...Lots of Love as always, Penny xo

P.S you can also get free worldwide shipping until the end of May by entering code "Glamorous20"


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Romwe Giveaway ...

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One more Romwe giveaway for you as a pre-summer gift! ;)
This time you have chance to win one dress from the photo, 50$ voucher and a secret gift! How great is that?
Here are the simple rules:
1.sign up to Romwe  HERE (if you already done that, skip this step),
2.leave your comment here with the same email you used for signing in and
3.if you wanna boost up your chances for winning, share this news and leave a link in your comment!

That`s it!
We are playing till the next Saturday, and winner will be decided with!
Good luck! :)

Zbog velikog broja komentara u prethodnim Giveaway postovima, Romwe je odlučio da vas još jednom nagradi! :) Kao savršen poklon pre leta, nekome će stići upravo ova haljina, vaučer od 50$ za Romwe sajt i tajni poklon!
Pravila su jednostavna:
1.potrebno je da se registrujete na Romwe sajtu OVDE (ukoliko ste to već uradili, možete preskočiti ovaj korak),
2.ostavite komentar sa istim email-om koji ste koristili pri registraciji na njihovom sajtu i
3.ukoliko želite da povećate vaše šanse za dobitak, možete podeliti ovu vest (FB, twitter, tumblr,blog ... ) i ostaviti link u vašem komentaru!

Igramo se do sledeće subote, želim vam puno sreće! :)

p.s. Volela bih da znam da li vam se dopadaju ovi česti  "giveaway" postovi ili ne? hvala unapred na odgovorima! :) 

Friday, 25 May 2012

There is one perfect place ...

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                                                                                                 there is one perfect place ....
                                                                                              where you can wear what ever you like ....
                                                                                               where you can drink light pink shakes ...
                                                                                              where you wont mind what people think ...
                                                                                              where you can ride a bike with your hat on ...
                                                                                       where you can pick the flowers on every corner ...
                                                                                  where you can sleep even on your floor if you want ...
                                                                                              where you can eat vegetables ....                 
                                                                                               or have a giant piece of chocolate ....
                                                                                               where you can dye your hair in pink ...
                                                                                               where you can live in a city rush ...
                                                                                or on a place where you can ignore the whole world ...
                                                                                             where friendship never ends ...
                                                                                            where small things can make you happy ...
                                                                 where you care about the most important creatures in our lives ...
                                                                                            but you also care for them ...
                                                                                              where love can be eternal ...
                            There is one perfect place, where you only need to be the best version of you ...


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Move ya body ...

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                                                                                               shoes: zara,
                                                                                               jeans: zara,
                                                                                               sweater: stradivarius,
                                                                                               bag: parfois,
                                                                                               necklace: bijou brigitte,
                                                                                               watch: michael kors,
                                                                                               sunglasses: aldo,
                                                                                               ph. Olja

Okay, i know that i`m showing a lots of love to this  pair of jeans, but i cant help myself! They are perfect for almost every occasion, it only depends on the rest of your clothes! Baggy jeans can be worn with high heels, sneakers, flats, chunky jewelry, strict white shirt, oversized sweater, leather jackets or blazers, i can`t even count how many times i already wore them and how many new outfits i created in my head! This time, i picked Zara shoes and knitted sweater which i got from Stradivarius (Here), hope you will like it! ;)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Week through Instagram 3 ...

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                                                                                               ph. via instagram (@vanjaam)

And its time to show you what was i doing/eating/wearing last three weeks ...
1.i tried this master piece,
2.i cleaned my toe nails,
3.i touched the sky,
4.i shared club sandwich with my sister,
5.i got pimped bike from my grandpa (im real gangsta now),
6.i went on a night cruise (here in Belgrade) with lovely girls,
7.i ate strawberries with chocolate ice cream,
8.i went to a fashion show,
9.i wore my beloved earrings,
10.i had, oops one more choco/ice cream/eat me break,
11.i had snack too (pop kek-Turkish cake),
12.i`ve invented "oversized" as a fashion term and this is a proof (its mini me),
13.i wore stripes&chains,
14.i melt in my mouth raspberry biscuit cake, sorry,
15.i took my leo to a grocery shopping at Saturday morning,
16.i had ice cream again with my love,
17.i made perfect photo for instagram and i got hearts ....

What were you doing? ;)

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