Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Week(s) through Instagram 6 ...

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Hello lovely people, it`s time for the Instagram post, you know how i`m addicted to this app!
So shall we start?
1. collages - morning breakfast with Jelena and Milos (snapped by him) ; favorite tee from Bershka; look of the day; beautiful interior of Smokvica; fave bag&boots for this fall; tasteful cake from Smokvica.

2. collages - Elle style awards invitation ( we`re gonna party tonight;)); Belgrade in the morning; look of the day; "he likes me, he likes me not" ; look of the day; grocery shopping.

3. collages - home made cupcakes; morning smile; cute Remake cup for a tee time; irresistible candies; sporty look; girls playground.

4. cake break with Jovana at Bacio

5. collages - Vapiano vespa moment; quick snap before hair&make up; quotes from Zorana`s store; look of the day; early b-day gift; look of the day.

6. favorite photo from the photosoot

7. collages - grocery shopping; at Zorana`s store; yummy chocolate bites; ice cream time; blast from the past (ten years ago); home made rice pudding.

8. collages - my puppy; Amika boxes; from the photoshoot with Marina and Jovana; junk food time; silver shoes from the photoshoot; my make up from the photoshoot.

9. collages - Marina, Jelena , Jelena and I were at Vuk`s 1st b-day and we had so much fun; in the middle of nowhere with my family; my new baby Canon 60d; look of the day.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Collide ...

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                                                                                             boots: zara,
                                                                                             jeans: zara,
                                                                                             t-shirt: calliope,
                                                                                             cardigan: new yorker,
                                                                                             scarf: h&m,
                                                                                             cap: primark,
                                                                                             bracelets: stradivarius,
                                                                                             watch: my dad`s,
                                                                                             bag: bershka,
                                                                                             ph. Masa

As i`m getting older, i`m not paying attention to the color coordination anymore. So, i started wearing black&brown, brown&navy, gray&beige and the list never ends ... This outfit is one of them. I paired light gray skinny jeans with beige boots and big chunky cardigan, to achieve cozy but yet stylish look.
Hope you will like it!

Grab your Pinterest and get lost in that perfect world until the sun comes back! ;)
Bye, bye!

Monday, 29 October 2012

She lived her life in black and white

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket (Leather jacket Topshop boutique, dress Fashion Frank, boots ASOS, socks topshop, bag La Moda, rings YSL and found on my holidays :))

I fly to China today so I thought I'd give you guys a post to read whilst I'm away. The weather in England and more specifically Manchester, has become beyond cold and I love it. I've always been a winter person, partly because I think people dress better and it also gives me a chance to showcase my extensive coat and fur collar collection. The guys at Fashion Frank sent me this amazing dress from their BLUNT range a few weeks back and I absolutely love it. The cut is simple but it fits me like a dream, which is amazing as cut out dresses sometimes look a bit odd on me because Im kinda short. I teamed it with my ASOS DIY boots (that are looking pretty worn in and grubby now. score) and some white socks. Socks and shoes are pretty much my favourite thing ever right now..... so expect me to be wearing various socks in all future posts. I also added this amazing studded bag by LaModa which has already been worn to death. I've had so many comments on it AND it's an absolute bargain! you can see the whole range HERE I was spoilt for choice, so I'm sure you all will be too!

Anyways, I hope you all dont miss me too much and I promise to return with photos from my travels. 

Keep it street homies,

Penny xo

Behind the scene ...

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Last Friday, you saw the final result of our photoshoot, and today, you have a chance to see a "making of" which i prefer more! ;)
Enjoy in photos, and ...
Happy Monday!

p.s. once again thank you note goes to: Andreja, Srdjan, Ana and to Cosmo team for making this! ;)
p.p.s. girls from the photos: Marina, Jovana, Andjela, Jovana, click, click, click! :)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Olives ...

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                                                                                               boots: mango,
                                                                                               jeans: bershka,
                                                                                               sweatshirt: new yorker,
                                                                                               jacket: thanks to choies (here),
                                                                                               bag: bershka,
                                                                                               watch: ice watch,
                                                                                               bracelets: thanks to milk&honey,
                                                                                               ph. Masa

Well, i have some great news to share, can you guess what is all about? After so many months of exploring the market, reading the reviews, watching the videos i made a choice and purchase the new camera, my very first dSLR and here are the results of today`s tryout! Can you notice the big change?:)
I was wearing a new jacket, which i got thanks to and this studded bag which i stole from my sister (oops ;)) and i really liked the final look.
You will excuse me for having these huge eye bags, last couple days i was more than busy, lack of sleep, and online work were just helping me too boost them even more! ;) If you have any advice on how to reduce them, drop a line!

p.s. the video of how i`m curling my hair is available again, you can check it Here! ;)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Featured in Cosmopolitan ...

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                                                                                            ph. Andreja Damnjanovic
                                                                                            hair&makeup: Srdjan Petkovic

As i promised you in one of my previous posts here is the official photo from our photoshoot. I can finally reveal that we were posing for the Cosmpolitan magazine, November issue. Our photographer Andreja, but also a hair&makeup artist Srdjan, made that Jovana, Andjela, Marina, Jovana and I look like a true stars on that day! ;)
Hope you will like it!

And now some good news for the Serbian readers about Belgrade Fashion Week ...

Jedan od glavnih sponzora ovogodisnjeg Belgrade Fashion Week-a Sommersby poklanja vam karte za naredne revije:

Dragana Ognjenović : 27.10.2012. - 18h                                   (2x2)
Mladi dizajneri: 27.10.2012. - 22h                                             (3x2)
Ugg Australia: 28.10.2012. - 20h                                               (3x2)
PWL by Boško Jakovljević: 28.10.2012. - 21h                          (3x2)
Bata Spasojević: 28.10.2012. - 22h                                           (3x2)

Ukoliko ste zainteresovani, naglasite u komentaru, ostavite ime i prezime a mojim odgovorom na vaš komentar ćete dobiti potvrdu da ste ih upravo vi osvojili. Dobitnici će moći da podignu karte na adresi: Hilandarska 14 .


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